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Understanding Australia's variable and changing climate will allow industries and communities to increase their resilience, prepare and respond, particularly in relation to natural disasters. CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere provides information about the health of the atmosphere, from long-lived greenhouse gases and aerosols that change the heat stored in the atmosphere, right through to hazardous air pollutants that influence human and ecosystem health. We use this information to ensure that our climate and earth system models can accurately simulate the likely impacts of human behaviour on our earth systems into the future.

Sharing our ocean's wealth for the benefit of all Australians requires careful balancing of multiple uses and conservation through planning, management and cooperation. CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere provides the large-scale multidisciplinary science to inform this use of Australia's marine environment. We develop tools for decision making in coastal regions and provide scientific support to authorities and industries responsible for the sustainable management and use of Australian and international fisheries.

[Image appears on a white screen of the CSIRO logo and text appears: Oceans and Atmosphere world-leading science]

[Music plays and image changes to show a sealion swimming through deep waters and text appears: courtesy: Pennicott Wilderness Journeys]

[Image changes to show a beach at sunrise with a city in the background and then the image changes to show a mountainous range]

We’re a coastal nation with sprawling and diverse lands.

[Images move through to show two children running along the beach with surf boards, fast footage of a day at the beach, and then dark clouds and rain moving over on an open plain]

Our lifestyle relies on healthy seas and healthy skies.

[Images move through of a CSIRO boat anchored at a harbour, a boat moving through open water, an aerial view of researchers working on a ship, researchers working with sharks, and a male presenting]

At CSIRO our marine scientists and atmospheric researchers are solving great challenges through innovative science in national and international partnerships.

[Music plays and images move through of a male nodding to his crew, a thunderstorm moving across open plains, and a heat map of the world showing global warming over many years]

[Images move through of a bushfire, a fire through trees, climate monitoring equipment, and a CSIRO computer program showing a heat map]

The impacts of climate change are fueling demand for climate monitoring and systems modelling.

[Music plays and image changes to show a group of people in discussion while standing in front of a projector screen]

[Images move through of a male and a female working at a computer, a 3D model of an eco-system, a 3D globe, a busy highway, a male working on a roof, and a research centre on a cliff and text appears: Global Climate Model]

Our analysis of climate and ocean risks inform government and industry strategies, increasing resilience to safeguard our nation’s future.

[Music plays and image changes to show a data printer printing and then image changes to show an aerial view of waves coming into shore]

[Images move through of researchers working on an air monitoring station, a turtle swimming, researchers working on a beach, a male loading boxes of fish for market, and then fish farms]

Our science supports a healthy atmosphere and marine environment to ensure our resources are developed sustainably.

[Music plays and images move through of a scientist operating on a sealion, groups of scientists working with different equipment on various research sites]

[Images move through to show a female working at a computer, a map, a female scientist working, fish swimming through coral, a thunderstorm, litter, two males snorkelling, and a beach]

The scientific tools we’ve developed are used across the globe to address risks to our ocean and atmospheric environments from climate change, marine plastic, competing uses and coastal development.

[Music plays and images move through of two researchers measuring on a beach, a diver next to a shark, a diver swimming, an aerial view of a coast line, and an aerial view of fish farms]

[Images move through to show workers packing fish, a fish jumping out of the water, and then a group of people looking at seaweed]

Our focus on growing the blue economy is helping improve fisheries, support emerging blue industries and decarbonise the global economy.

[Music plays and image changes to show a towed camera being lowered into the ocean and then the image changes to show fish swimming through deep water]

[Images move through of a ship driving through icy water, a male securing research equipment, scientists lowering an AUV into the water, and a male rowing a small sampan type boat]

Through our science and holistic systems approach Australia delivers on our national and international obligations

[Images move through to show an aerial view of a coastline, waves rolling on a sandy beach, a combine harvester in operation, a harvested paddock, and text appears: courtesy: Tassal]

in pursuit of a more sustainable planet and a safe and prosperous nation.

[Music plays and the image changes to show a blue CSIRO logo on a white screen and text appears: CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency]

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

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We deliver impact in the following areas

  • Climate Science Centre - The CSIRO Climate Science Centre is home to Australia's national capability in atmosphere, ocean and climate model development (including the national weather, climate and Earth System model, ACCESS).
  • Coasts and Ocean Research – Coasts and Ocean Research provides scientific knowledge and tools to advise solutions that support sustainable development of Australia's coastal and marine resources, including monitoring and mitigation of environmental impacts, observational and modelling capabilities to assess and anticipate the dynamics and vulnerability of coastal assets, conservation of marine biodiversity and supporting future blue industries.

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