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Foods and supplements for better health

As the prevalence of the health-conscious consumer rises, so too does the demand for naturally healthy foods and fortified, value-added nutritional products and supplements.

High in fiber and resistant starch, Barley+ contains the non-GMO BARLEYmax™ grain, which has more of the three important fibre types together in one grain. The BARLEYmax™ grain was developed and substantiated for its health benefits by our researchers. ©  Freedom Foods

If you're a food, beverage, ingredient or supplement business looking to differentiate what you have to offer, introducing products with scientifically-proven health benefits is a good place to start.

Whether you're seeking to prove or improve the nutritional qualities of your existing food products, or to introduce new products to the market, our expertise can ensure they're backed by Australia's national science agency.

Evaluating and developing foods and supplements

We can apply our expertise to:

  • inform development of new products with added health benefits
  • assist with improving the nutritional qualities of food products through functional ingredients by reducing salt, sugar and fat content, optimising fibre and more
  • test the health effects of foods, ingredients and supplements leading to credible health claims and consumer health benefits
  • develop evidence dossiers to support health claims on foods.

Our research:

  • spans the entire food and nutrition value chain, from paddock to plate
  • helps reduce food waste through converting foods lost along the food supply chain into functional ingredients.

Our world-class nutrition research facilities

Our clinical, analytical, and pre-clinical facilities enable a fully integrated approach, from discovery and product development to scientific validation for market-ready foods, supplements and ingredients.

Our world-class Nutrition and Health Research Clinic at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).

Nutrition and health research clinic

Evidence from human intervention studies is critical to validating health claims on foods, beverages and supplements.

Our state-of-the-art Nutrition and Health Research Clinic facilitates thousands of visits from participants every year.

For more than thirty years, the clinic has lead successful scientific validation studies in collaboration with companies worldwide.

Analytical capabilities

Our analytical expertise is extensive, and includes:

  • Routine and specialised nutrient and bioactive analyses, such as macro- and micro-nutrient profiling.
  • Gut health outcomes, such as gut microbiome and gut permeability.
  • An array of clinically established and emerging biochemical and biomarker assays for health measured in blood, faeces, saliva, urine and breath.
  • Laboratory models of human digestive processes.

Pre-clinical capabilities

Through pre-clinical studies, we are able to test new ingredients and prototype foods using models for gut health, cardiovascular health, obesity and glucose control.

CSIRO researchers have expertise in inflammatory and metabolic biomarkers.

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