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Grow Australian agrifood exports by $10b by 2030 to support our farmers and boost our economy

We aim to boost the global export earnings of Australian grown food by $10b by 2030 through tools and technologies that verify our quality, safety and 'clean and green' credentials.

Potential impact

More export options

The world trusts and loves Australian-grown food. Building on that trust in the safety, quality and provenance of our agrifood exports will enable Australian agriculture to access high value markets for our produce, and grow export premiums.

Our aim is for:

  • a globally competitive export sector based on trusted ‘Brand Australia’
  • flexibility and diversity in export markets
  • greater premiums for Australia’s quality and trusted food
  • increased employment and opportunities in Australian agritech.

Mission focus

What we will achieve

Alongside collaborators from industry, research and government, we are developing tools and technologies to verify the quality, safety, origins and sustainability credentials of Australian produce and automate compliance. These will provide the flexibility that is needed to export to more places, expanding the market and creating new opportunities, new jobs and an increased economic return to the nation.

We have designed six work packages where there is a clear path to impact for our research and development. Three of these provide underpinning research with broad applicability: customer trust, sensors and digital privacy.

The remaining three work packages are delivering direct impact, with projects underway in collaboration with horticulture and/or red meat sectors.

  1. Market access  developing and testing new approaches to meeting the regulatory requirements of Australia’s trading partners, and to give Australia access to as many export markets as possible. Trade barriers under consideration include pest, disease and food safety standards, and also other credentials such as sustainability and animal welfare benchmarks.
  2. Automating compliance  reducing the cost of meeting compliance obligations through automation on digital tracing platforms, and also using sensors and other remote technologies to augment existing export processing audit requirements.
  3. Verifying product credentials  establishing a national provenance database as a repository for all underpinning information needed to independently test and irrefutably verify supply chain information. This will support validation of origin of production based on food samples, or confirm the physical product is accurately linked to its digital record.

Plan and collaboration

Building it together

The Mission is a partnership between CSIRO, the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, and Meat & Livestock Australia to digitally transform Australia’s agrifood supply chain and grow export premiums across commodities.

We are linking external engagement and collaborators with researchers across CSIRO to develop cohesive, cross-industry solutions that are ready for adoption.

Developing the tools and technologies needed to meet the requirements of diverse markets requires significant stakeholder input and support.

Trusted Agrifood Exports

Integrating data solutions across the agrifood value chain. 

[Music plays and an image appears of a digitally generated spinning world globe and text appears: We’re building a collaborative research program…. A CSIRO mission]

[Text changes to read: It’s tackling one of our greatest challenges… Increasing agriculture and food export earnings.]

[Image changes to show a very close view looking down on a cargo ship and text appears: The agricultural industry wants to grow its $60b value to $100B by 2030]

[Image changes to show ripe tomatoes on a tomato plant and text appears: To achieve this, we need to sell what we export at a larger premium]

[Image changes to show people walking through a supermarket and text appears: To get premiums we need to secure the access to high value markets…]

[Image changes to show a display of vegetables and the image rotates in a clockwise direction and text appears: And customers need to know that products are what they claim.]

[Image changes to show a truck moving along in the background and text appears: To build trust we need science and tools that, Trace the movement of foods from paddock to plate, Give transparency, ensuring safe and pest free exports, Can test a product to verify where it was grown, Address concerns of players along complex supply chains]

[Image changes to an aerial view of a city lit up at night and text appears: Our goals are to, Get farmers more for what they produce, Enable simpler, easier processes that ensure our reputation for safe, green and quality products, Secure a trusted agrifood export industry.]

[Camera pans over the city and then the image changes to show a container ship and text appears: We’re talking to partners in other research organisations, government and industry to build a shared vision.]

[Image changes to show the CSIRO logo and text appears: CSIRO Australia’s National Science Agency]

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